Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy New Year!

It was good year. Many good WN/LN was fan translated and many good LN was officialy released :)

However, there were such events that did not give rise to a special optimism, especially when I read the headlines where I live.
One could say that it was a year hanging on a rope between enormous satisfaction and a deep sadness.

May this new year 2018 not be worse than the passing one, but even better.
What I wish to all of you.


  1. Can't remember if you've ever mentioned where you're from!

    1. Poland :)
      Maybe the situation is not as bad as in some other places, but when you read daily in the newspapers like the current authorities are working hard to destroy everything that we have achieved over the last 30 years... Well, it's extremely depressing.

    2. Don't be offended but for some reason I thought you are Italian.
      Also I think it's like this everywhere you go.In that region of yours it's most of the time the insider enemy have done the worst damage.In our country we are surrounded by wolves in sheep's clothing and price of foods mysteriously skyrocketing for months now.We now have to pay tax for everything that a human can buy and rampant bribery,corruption.
      From Bangladesh.

    3. Taxes are one of the things that nobody escapes, no matter what geographical latitude lives * sigh *

    4. Hope you don't have to pay 21% when talking on a phone.

    5. Shit,just can't win against you!Both countries sucks equally then.
      I was talking about phone call rate.

  2. Happy new year my fellas! Thanks for this entire year!!

  3. Happy new year everybody! Thank you for an amazing year and for all of those epub that you made, I enjoyed them so much! May 2018 be a better year for all of us!

  4. Happy New Year! Let's hope for another good year to come tho