1. What is Trollo WN/LN EPUB?
It's site where you can download epubs made by me or those that I'm hosting.
Remember! I'm not a translator of WN/LN available here. I'm only make epub's.

2. EPUB not working/broken?
Before reporting broken epub check it on two different devices and applications. If epub is still broken, write exactly what does not work and on what devices / applications you checked it. If you receive a message or chapter is not displayed, also write it.
You may try to convert epub to mobi on calibre, sometimes it's working.
Please do not write in general "epub does not work!" because for such posts will be ignored or delted.
When you post, write on which two devices / apps have you checked them. Posts without this information will be ignored.

3.EPUB not working on Play Books!
I'm sorry but I have no idea why, sometimes it just happens.

4. I do not see updated files!
As in the case not working epubs before reporting please check on two different devices.
In 95% of cases of such raports by android users, it turns out that the reason was the cache.
And that's why before you report that you can not see new files please clear android cache!
In case remaining 5%  usually my GD app not working, so cases where new files did not actually appear on GD can also happen ;)

5. Why are some volumes licensed title missing?
Unfortunately 3 volumes KonoSuba have been removed by Google due to DMCA. To avoid related problems, I adopted the rule that all LN volumes that are available in official English editions will be gradually removed. In addition, WN will also be removed which content does not differ from LN. The only exception is that WN which is significantly different from its LN versions, eg Death March or Overlord.

6. Can I request new series?

Yes, but do not expect me to take it. I take only those that will interest me.

7. Can I request some licenced series?
No! I do not start new series that are licensed, just continue that I started earlier.

8. Why have some series been dropped? Will they not be updated?

Unfortunately, approximately 300 active series are too much for my, and I was forced to abandon some of them.

9. What is this "Trollo Status"?

It informs you whether a given series is actively updated or dropped by me.
This has nothing to do with the state of the translation!

10. Why are the letters all small when i open epub on my app?

The volumes I did not make but which I host usually have default font sizes set in styles. If they are too small, you need to change it in the settings of your reading application or delete style.css which is in epub file. Use Sigil to open epub and style.css is in the 'Style" folder. Delete this file, save changes and this should be enough. Of course, Sigil only works on computers under windows.
Android users can also use Moon+Reader which disables styles by default.

11: The X series has not been updated for a long time, has it been abandoned by the translating group?

I do not have this type of information (and if I had, I would put such information on the series page), if you want to be sure, ask a question on the group's website

12. EPUB not working on iBooks!

I'm sorry but I have no idea why, sometimes it just happens in the case of files which I did not do myself, only share them. Unfortunately, I'm not able to check what is wrong in them and improve because I do not have any Apple device.

13. Why are you not also sharing pdf files?

I do not share pdf because I do not know how to do them well, and in my opinion, for various reasons, this format is not suitable for ebooks.


  1. Hey admin do you have Discord server ?? if u do pls give me a link

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    1. https://armaell-library.net/novel/re-monster-shisatsu-kara-hajimaru-kaibutsu-tensei-ki

    2. Is it still being updated?

  3. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/erogenous-beauty-salon-by-succubus-girls-i-started-the-milking-course/

    Looks like its finished

  4. Do you know where I can find Strike the Blood?

  5. This series seems good
    Modern Weapons Cheat in Another World
    Recommended to use Hiscension translation for vol3 v6 and up

  6. friend, I knew that you have had some problem with the translation of Date A Live, I ask you with much respect that you can fix that problem, since both fans, readers of the novel makes us a problem because we are fans of that light novel, this is your climax please do not have to do things like that when we are on the verge of nothing, we all wait for your answer, thanks, sorry for the ugly English, use Google translator.

    1. There should not be any problems, or at least I hope so, because today I explained with the translator of the series the last matter that he had doubts about.

  7. what about epub for this good series

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    thank you

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  10. wn/ln list is gone? when i clicked the link its show nothing but just comments

    1. then there is something wrong with my browser..gonna check it,thanks

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    it is completely translated too.

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    Moto Saikyou no Kenshi wa, Isekai Mahou ni Akogareru

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    Please check this novel, and if you're have free time, well you know ...
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  14. https://www.novelupdates.com/series/maou-gun-saikyou-no-majutsushi-wa-ningen-datta/ seems nice.

  15. Concerning Play Books:
    From what I've observed, Play Books doesn't like EPUBs that don't pass EPUBCheck. Even the most trivial errors seem to trip it up. If you have the know-how, most of these errors can be easily fixed in Sigil/calibre to make them work.

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